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When you are very new in the industry or businesses overall, you don’t know that some certifications such as ISO 9001, 14001, and others in El Paso, Texas, are necessary to operate properly. To begin with, all organizations have responsibilities and regulations to meet, which leads to several guidelines to follow in order to obtain the desired results and of course, certifications. 

For companies in El Paso or any other city in Texas, it is usually difficult to follow all the guidelines established and also include those that are not regulatory but bring benefits to their processes and growth. Therefore, here’s a recommendation we can give you: focus on the mandatory ones first and then, move onto the voluntary standards and requirements that can help to boost your business. 

With that said, everyone needs to get certified in generic standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and others that regulate certain management systems in the organization. When you have them covered and finally get certified, start thinking and implementing standards such as ISO 14001. 

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Most companies find ISO 14001 particularly unnecessary since it does not bring direct benefits to the organization during its implementation. However, it does help with other aspects and, in the long-run, comes with benefits that will start gaining relevance the more your company grows. But before getting there, what is this standard about? 

ISO 14001 sets all requirements and guidelines to establish and maintain an environmental management system in any organization. Either if it is a manufacturer, automotive, aerospace, or any other type of company or performs different activities, the standard can be implemented. Now, is it a benefit for your company? Absolutely. 

It is just a matter of not only following guidelines but also, adjusting them to your needs and goals. For this, it is necessary to understand and harmonize the standard with the company and its processes. At IQC The ISO Pros, we can help you by providing training and implementation services as well as consulting options for your standards. 

Although ISO 14001 isn’t mandatory, we consider it to be a great addition since it helps to meet environmental responsibilities from the company and even boost its growth in the future. Before you make the decision, just let us introduce you to it and how much it can do for you.

ISO 14001 comes with benefits and this is what you should aim for

When you own a company, you also have many responsibilities with the planet, which leads you to be very careful when it comes to your processes and operations. However, not many companies pay attention to it and end up damaging it more than they should and don’t meet mandatory environmental requirements. Since ISO 14001 focuses on this aspect, it may not be mandatory but it is incredible to obtain the results you want in this aspect for your business and actually meet regulatory processes.

Now, we understand, it doesn’t look too appealing if you don’t notice a great benefit for your company. But we just used the word ‘notice’ which means you only need to be aware of all the benefits it actually brings to the organization:

  • Establishing, maintaining, and improving an environmental management system makes your company more efficient and effective while reducing the resources needed for the processes. 
  • You have more control over your processes thanks to actions and guidelines in the ISO that influence other management systems in the company. 
  • Improve your image and credibility. 
  • Easier to implement changes in the future. 
  • Improving processes all over the company will be simpler and easier. 
  • Guarantee that most of your employees would continue working in the company. 

Every benefit can seem a bit off considering the standard goes for an environmental management system. However, the guidelines established in the ISO estipulate different changes that will inevitably make other processes to be positively affected by them. This is what makes a voluntary standard actually gain relevance and encourage you to implement it no matter what. 

Besides, if we have to consider a specific benefit, that would definitely be the last one. People and your clients usually prefer companies and organizations that are able to care about other aspects more than selling or worrying about businesses alone. If you show concern for the environment, most clients will choose you over others that didn’t bother to at least meet mandatory requirements. 

Of course, at IQC The ISO Pros, we encourage people to go for ISO 14001 and implement it in order to contribute to everything and not only for the benefits. But we understand you are looking for something that can help your company in every possible way. Thus, we assure you it is the right move and one you will never regret.

What areas are changed or benefited from implementing it? 

If you are considering the idea of implementing the standard for your company in El Paso, Texas, or any city in the state, you will need to identify a few areas of it by yourself. Not all processes and sections in an organization have an impact on the environment nor require to be eco-friendly in terms of how you can improve them to be it. Therefore, you must start by knowing which parts of your business have environmental aspects and if they can be changed or if you can work around them. 

It is hard to have preset areas that are benefited from the ISO or more involved in its implementation since it depends a lot on the type, size, and activities of the company. We suggest you start with the processes involved in manufacturing a product, packaging it, or when developing any service. However, for other companies that aim for other areas or activities, they need to look after the operations in every area and section to determine them. 

Once you identify them, make sure you are able to determine the impact they have on the planet and even your company. In this way, you will be implementing ISO 14001 while focusing on your needs as well and not only as an environmental or external standard. Now, where should you start? 

At IQC The ISO Pros, our experts will help you to determine every aspect that can be influenced by the standard and its implementation for a better result. There are many sections to evaluate to identify the impact, but if you want to go ahead with the task and get started, we suggest you look out for these environmental aspects or similar ones:

  • The number of resources used in your operations, such as water and energy. 
  • Air emissions that contaminate the air via smoke or fumes. 
  • Disposal of waste material that affects the environment, which includes wastewater or similar. 
  • Does the company use recycled materials? 
  • Pollution, spills, leaks, and more. 

If you notice your company is not offering its best performance in reducing any of these aspects to optimal levels, you must determine how much they are actually affecting the environment. Once this is done, address the problems and start improving them to get your company to meet ISO 14001.

Planning, designing and implementing 

When you have determined the problems in your company and sections you know have a negative environmental impact, you need to start working around the plan you will use for them. ISO 14001 sets guidelines you can follow in order to obtain positive results during the planning and designing phases. However, something most people don’t know is that, unlike other standards, it isn’t too much about meeting every requirement by following the guidelines. 

A company should work in its environmental management system based on its needs and problems, and as much as you can adjust them to the ISO, it’s necessary to meet requirements outside the standard itself. This means you need a good plan that isn’t only based on the standard but also on other aspects and elements that influence the improvement of the system, such as your personal goals for this area in the company. With that said, the process won’t be that simple, but you don’t have to go crazy over it since it is possible to design a good plan that adjusts accordingly to your organization. 

Our professionals at IQC The ISO Pros would love to provide you with all the assistance and help you need to establish an action plan while considering and following the ISO guidelines. By the end of the day, your company will have an optimal and well-designed environmental management system with all the benefits. Now, we want you to know that it is also possible to get trained in all this so you can have a more personal approach to the implementation. 

We have several experts that will take you and train you in every detail of the standard and help you identify your company’s needs in this system and aspect. In this way, you will aim for the right goals and ensure the implementation isn’t only for meeting regulations and the requirements but also guarantee the company obtains all the benefits from it. With that said, identifying the needs and goals of the organization in the environmental area isn’t that hard. 

Do you need to reduce energy usage? Control water waste? Use materials that can be recycled? Questions like these are the ones you should ask yourself to come up with the right plan and adjust it to the ISO. Once you have them, it’s the turn of how you will achieve them. Something we personally love about ISO 14001 is that it helps to set very specific goals, like how much energy you are aiming to save according to the plan or how you are going to replace non-recyclable materials for ones that are, and so on. 

As a recommendation, you should definitely start your plan with the elements that have more impact on your environment. If your company uses a lot of energy for its operations, make sure you write it down on top of the list to ensure you are reducing it. Keep in mind that your plan doesn’t have to be focused on quick or fast results. Instead, aim for meeting the requirements in the ISO but also for the long-run goals that will help you to achieve the actual result you want. 

For example, if you are aiming to reduce energy usage, you won’t get to the final percentage of reduction within a month. Therefore, set a reasonable short-term goal and keep building it from there. In other words, make sure your plan is focused on what to do now, in a few months, and by the end of the implementation as well as future improvement in the environmental management system. When you have this in your hands, you are pretty much done with the entire planning process and can start to implement the ISO with your needs and goals in mind.

Making sure that you have documents that prove that your environmental management system meets every requirement in the standard. This is required in order for a company to get ISO 14001 certified and with any other standard, it implements. Some people think it is not necessary to obtain certification when it comes to voluntary standards. However, part of the reasons to implement it in the first place is to get certified in it. After all, it is impossible to show future clients and other entities that establish legal requirements that you have met the standard and have a well-established and developed environmental management system. 

Now, how do companies get certified? An official audit is scheduled with the entity or company that can provide you with the certification. During the audit, the entire system is assessed and your documentation about it will be reviewed to ensure you have met every part of the requirements. Most of the audit for this ISO depends a lot on the documentation, which is why we highly recommend you to save as many documents as you can in the process. With that said, getting certified after the first audit isn’t that simple. 

After all, standards set several guidelines and requirements that take months to achieve and meet in order to get certified. It is necessary to invest time and resources to obtain the desired results but thanks to our team at IQC The ISO Pros, you can get everything done in no time. Our help and training will be a great way to obtain your certification during the first audit, and we will certainly make sure that you continue improving the system based on not only its guidelines but also, on what your organization needs. There’s a long way to go with the implementation and certification, but since our help and services are available for everyone in El Paso or any other city in Texas, you can rest assured about having us. 

Unlike what most organizations believe, the standard can be implemented for any organization that wishes for it. From small to large companies, there’s no limit to getting ISO 14001 certified since it is not only voluntary but also a benefit for the planet and not the company alone. Therefore, if you are considering the possibility of investing time and resources in it, rest assured you will be able to meet the requirements and obtain the benefits.

In our experience, ISO 14001 is amazing for small companies—although it is great for large ones as well—since it allows them to design from zero the environmental management system. Meanwhile, large ones need to make adjustments and take new measures. As mentioned before, we are not saying it isn’t good or amazing as well, but being able to start with your system by following the guidelines from the beginning gives you a great advantage at the moment of getting things done. With that said, what type of company do you have? Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter for the implementation. You can start with its implementation as soon as you want and just focus on determining the needs of your organization and harmonize them with the guidelines in the standard.

We understand it is a lot and since it’s not the only standard you need to get certified in, you might get a bit lost. We are here in El Paso, Texas, and many other cities around the state to help you with everything. From training and implementation to consulting services from our experts and professionals. We want to make sure you are going in the right direction, establishing everything properly, and have the opportunity to get certified sooner than later. Therefore, just make sure to contact us and we will get there in no time or assist you virtually due to the current condition of the pandemic. It is completely up to you but regardless of how you want to get things done, you don’t need to worry about accomplishing what you wish for.